Updated Map: Knockback Madness - 1.17.1 - Crowdford

Updated Map: Knockback Madness - 1.17.1 - Crowdford

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Knockback Madness

Updated Map: Knockback Madness - 1.17.1

Get your bow ready for the return of Knockback Madness!

Knockback Madness has been remade once again and is now available in 1.17.1, with new features, arenas, modes and more!

Are you able to hit your friends, and knock them off the platform, or will you be the one that ends up in the void?

Play it here!

Comment     22.10.2021

Knockback Madness 2.0.2 Changelog

  • Re-coded the entire map

  • Added 2 new game-modes (Occupation and Strike)
    • Occupation is a king of the hill like mode where you have to stand on a point for configurable amount of time in order to win
    • Strike is a mode about hitting people, get to the configured amount of hits to win. your hits are reset on death so be careful
    • Elimination is the standard gamemode from the previous vbversions, now with knockback ramp up overtime to help matches not last forever, as well as a system to give "camping" players glowing to help prevent camping.

  • Added 2 new arenas
    • Scalton Towers; some skyscrapers in the sky
    • Ares Arena; a Colosseum like structure
    • Classic arena, the original arena
    • The arena selection sub-menu has a "recommended settings" option that applies the gamemode and misc settings that we found best suited the arena in play-testing

  • Changed how health is displayed and calculated
    • Players now have 5 health, displayed in 5 hearts centered on the hotbar, the old health bar was hard to read as health so I updated it to be more understandable.
    • The reduced health value is to make health management more of a mechanic and focus of the map.

  • Added misc options
    • Players can now disabled double-jumps, this is for people who want the truly classic experience
    • Elytras can be enabled for players who want more mobility
    • Scattering arrows, a random mechanic that when enabled makes it so when you shoot an arrow you will shoot 4 arrows in a random pattern, or 8 arrows if you fully charge your shot.


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