Bitfield - Maps - Crowdford

Bitfield - Maps - Crowdford


"Kill, maim, and destroy. More blood for the blood god!"

Bitfield is an open world complete the monument map. Collect the 10 objectives and place them on the monument while you explore the expansive and rugged terrain. As you explore you can find upgrades to your weapon, grapple hook, and yourself.

To help you explore you have a grappling hook that you can use to pull yourself up and around obstacles, however while in combat you are limited on how much you can grapple. To assist you in combat you have your demonic Sword/Crossbow hybrid weapon "Ravenous Fortune". As you attack it alternates between a melee and ranged form, forcing you to combo your attacks strategically to remain effective. As you kill mobs you generate heat which, with the help of your killstreak upgrade, can make you even more powerful.


An Asometric & gibbsly Project

Full Credit:

Asometric: Builds

Gibbs: Resources & Functionality

BigPapi13: Delta utility

Siromany: Logo


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