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New Map: Bitfield

Kill, maim, and destroy. More blood for the blood god!

Bitfield is an open world complete the monument map. Collect the 10 objectives and place them on the monument while you explore the expansive and rugged terrain. As you explore you can find upgrades to your weapon, grapple hook, and yourself.

Good luck!

Play it here!

Comment     09.01.2022

Debtor's Depths
Debtor's Depths

New Map: Debtor's Depths

A debt is owed, dive deep to repay it.

Debtor's Depths is a Complete The Monument map where you are tasked with collecting gems to repay your debt.

This map features custom swimming, breath, items and more area-specific mechanics.

Good luck, and don’t forget to breathe!

Play it here!

Comment     04.12.2022

Divinity's End
Divinity's End

Updated Map: Divinity's End - 1.19.2

Divinity's End is now available for 1.19.2.

This version includes extensive balance and QoL changes, as well as significant performance and stability improvements. You can check the full changelog in the map's readme.

Play it here!

Comment     05.09.2022

Crimson Bay's Treasure
Crimson Bay's Treasure

New Map: Crimson Bay's Treasure

Crimson Bay's Treasure is a Complete The Monument map where you are tasked with restoring the Moonlit Archive with the help of a mysterious Captainess who cannons treasures your way.

It features a custom soundtrack, unique mechanics and multiplayer support.

It has been recently updated to 1.18.2 and is now available on Crowdford.

Play it here!

Comment     13.03.2022

Realms!Heart Rush 2
Heart Rush 2

Updated Map: Heart Rush 2 - 1.18.1

Heart Rush 2 is now available for 1.18.1.

The map will now once again receive a new skill of the day every day. If you make a skill on the skill generator and submit it we may even feature it as one of the skills of the day.

Play it here!

Comment     10.01.2022

Realms!Tales of Glarthford
Tales of Glarthford

Updated Map: Tales of Glarthford - 1.18.1

Tales of Glarthford has finally been updated. The new update not only brings the map to the latest version but also changes a ton of things.

The most important change is the addition of a new secret tale. Can you find it?

You can find a full list of changes here. Warning: Spoilers.

Play it here!

Comment     31.12.2021

Realms!Capture Kings 2
Capture Kings 2

New Map: Capture Kings 2

In Capture Kings 2 you gain points, upgrade your gear, defend and capture beacons, but most importantly you choose a set of skills (abilities) to support you in the intense PvP battles.

Capture Kings 2 also supports player made skills and uses the same skill system/generator that Heart Rush 2 uses, so you can make skills and use them in both maps.

Now available here or on realms!

Play it here!

Comment     17.12.2021

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