Untold Stories 8: Burnout Fantasy - Maps - Crowdford

Untold Stories 8: Burnout Fantasy - Maps - Crowdford

Untold Stories 8: Burnout Fantasy

"Baptism by fire."

In Burnout Fantasy you can explore a sprawling world, fight hordes of monsters, survive in your own way, and transform the world to make it your own.

Throughout your adventure you will encounter hunting grounds: spawners where you can fight strong enemies for resources and objectives. Every area has a boss hunting ground marked with a beacon. Beat them all and bring their wool to the Monument to complete the map.

There is an in-game menu you can access via /trigger menu or with the Menu book. From it, you can add difficulty modifiers to make death more forgiving or add an extra challenge. This map uses custom graphics, which require no additional mods. In order to enable them you need to set your graphics to Fabulous in Video Settings. If you wish to disable them or your system is incompatible, you can do so from the in-game menu.

This map should be played on vanilla. Any modifications to the game might cause it to function incorrectly, especially non-vanilla servers. Please don't attempt to use a spigot/paper server. Some exceptions are Fabric with Sodium + Phosphor, which has no known issues, and Optifine, which while known to cause some visual glitches, can also improve the experience. Be warned!


A RenderXR & Asometric Project

Full Credit:

RenderXR & Asometric: Main Creators
Suso: Shaders & Mechanics
Gibbs: Custom Shields & Technical Help
McTsts: Utilities & Technical Help
RockNRed: Art & Testing
Eris: Trailer & Testing
Enshano: Music
Ty: Testing
Zeyd: Testing


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