Capture Kings 2 - Maps - Crowdford

Capture Kings 2 - Maps - Crowdford

Capture Kings 2

"PvP with Skills!"

In this map you gain points, upgrade your gear, capture and defend beacons, but most importantly you choose a set of skills (abilities) to support you in the intense PvP battles.

✧ The Game

The main objective in this map is to be the first team to reach a certain amount of points. You can gain points by capturing the middle. You can also capture beacons on the sides of the battlefields which grant your team advantages.

✧ The Skills

A primary feature of this map is the skills. There are 21 skill. You can select up to 3 skills, and switch them around at any time. Each skills give you special abilities and choosing/combining skills well is key to success.

✧ Your Own Skills

Are the 21 skills that are included in the map not enough for you? Then I have great news for you, Capture Kings 2 allows you to make your own skills using a skill generator. The skill generator not only includes all features used by the base skills, but even some additional features!

✧ Customization

Not only does this map provide a selection of arenas to battle your enemies on, but there's also plenty of other customization options. Of course, there are also just normal options, such as an option to customize the beacons or to set the amount of points needed to win, but more importantly, you can choose one of several announcers who will narrate the game for you. If that's not enough you can even design your own shield in the lobby's menu.


A Crowdford Project

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