Crimson Bay's Treasure - Maps - Crowdford

Crimson Bay's Treasure - Maps - Crowdford

Crimson Bay's Treasure

"Conquer the Bay and the Captainess."

Crimson Bay's Treasure is an open world medium length CTM at 5 objectives and around 10 hours of gameplay. The player is encouraged to take their time and play around with the mechanics.

As the archivist, you're tasked with restoring the Moonlit Archive and exploring the Crimson Bay, while a certain Captainess shoots you strangely off-theme treasures with a cannon.

Featuring a custom gun system, tons of unique items and custom music by Eniah.

CW: This map contains adult themes and strong language.


Full Credit:

Asometric: Project Lead
PearUhDox: Project Lead
Eniah: Music & Dialogue
Rhino: Add. Builds & Textures
Suso: Shaders & Intro
SuzunaAoi: Add. Builds, Textures & Art
RockNRed: Birthday Boy & Unwilling Texturer


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