Magma Runner 2 - Maps - Crowdford

Magma Runner 2 - Maps - Crowdford

Magma Runner 2


"Run from the Lava!"

Magma Runner 2 is a remake of Rogue Baron's Magma Runner for 1.12! Be the first among your friends to reach the bottom of a random top-down maze while burningly hot lava is flowing down!

✧ Singleplayer Mode

Play alone to beat your friends' time in an ingame leaderboard by reaching the bottom as fast as you can!

✧ Randomly Generated Layouts

Unlike the first iteration of Magma Runner, the map has a randomly generated layout, making sure you have the most unique layout! If you really like one layout, you can set the seed at your liking by doing '/trigger seed set number'.

✧ Items

Sabotage your friends by slowing them down with cobwebs and Slowness Potions, or speed up your run by using TNT or Speed Potions.

✧ Maze Palette

Choose the palette of your maze by selecting it in the lobby!

✧ Leaderboard:

You can play this map on realms to appear on the leaderboard. Alternatively, you can submit a video showing how you got your score on our discord here or in the comments on this page.


Updated by Vertex Creations

Full Credit:

Map by Federick90, McTsts & Ds43m

Leaderboard by McTsts, gibbsly & Suso

Original concept by Rogue_Baron


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