Updated Map: Sleepless Night - 1.17 - Crowdford

Updated Map: Sleepless Night - 1.17 - Crowdford

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Updated Map: Sleepless Night - 1.17
Updated Map: Sleepless Night - 1.17

Updated Map: Sleepless Night - 1.17

Sleepless Night has been updated for 1.17.1! Find the full changelog here!

You can now collect souls to resurrect players that have died. Additionally, some updates have been made to the shop, a couple balance changes were made, a few QOL improvements have been done and sweet berries are now cookable.

Can you beat the highscore?

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Comment     19.07.2021

Sleepless Night 1.4.0 Soul Update Changelog


• Players now drop a player soul on death

• Some strong enemies drop mob souls on death

• Each of the four chests starts with a mob soul

• A Piglin Brute mini boss has been added that spawns with each wave of phantoms at the mines

• The Piglin Brute and Phantom Riders always drop a mob soul

• A player can be resurrected - This requires their soul and 5 mob souls

• The lives of resurrected players are linked with whoever brought them back. If either dies, the other does to.

Shop Changes:

• Totem of Undying is purchasable

• Fire Charge is purchasable

• Knockback Enchantment is replaced by Sharpness II and Looting II

• Resurrections are purchasable (see Souls)


• Updated to 1.17.1

• Rebalanced the spells

• Berries are now cookable

• New Enemy Tier (Tier 8) - Stronger/Netherite versions of Tier 7

• Added a On Cooldown placeholder item for spells

• Teleport spell changes icon depending on state

• The second campfire can be ignited using a soul (can be used to cook food, but doesn't give off heat)

• Removed the magic armor particles

• Fixed some issues with mobs suffocating / getting stuck

• Once everything has been upgraded, all existing upgrade shards turn into magic orbs

• A lot of minor fixes


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